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We have complete and detailed on-line help system giving information about how to implement and use the system. Apart from this we have an online support by Telephone, E-mail, Fax, Internet and on-site.

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99 Branches can operate
99 x 99 Ware Houses
99 Main Accounts
9999 Sub Accounts


Question and answer

If your company is going to grow and prosper, you must have certain tools to assist you. One of the tools is information. Here we are..

Why MySQL ?

The MySQL database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use. It's used in more than 10 million installations ranging from large corporations to specialized embedded applications on every continent in the world. (Yes, even Antarctica!)


Nearly a decade worth of technical expertise, we came to realize that, the creation of ultimate business management system could only be a product of precise customization, to our client's exclusive desires.

FALCON Accounting is based on a flexible policy architecture, which enables transparent modeling of business processes to suit the ever growing requirements of customers while simultaneously providing integration, data integrity and consistency with an optimized database design and a user-friendly interface.

In addition, our full-fledged software developers team can provide the requirements and needs for any type of business to be design, develop, implement and support according to your vision.

In short, thorough our system we can provide you as an ultimate and end-user solution to meet your requirements beyond the imagination.




























Easy to use, easy to modify: FALCON  Web Link gives you an Internet interface to your FALCON data. Your customers access sales, receivables, and inventory information through the Internet, saving you time. You control the information presented, including which companies can be accessed, which items will be available over the Internet etc. FALCON Web Link was made possible with a 3rd party product included   web server, PHP and MySQL. Sales Order Entry is part of FALCON Web Link as well as inquiry screens from Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order.

FALCON Web Link allows you to set up a password for each of your customers. In addition to having the password, you may also set options for which functions you want the customer to have access to. You can also decide which of your companies can be accessed by the Internet. All of you need to do is enter a default location for quantities and pricing.

You determine the information that you want your customers to have access to. You can turn off access for displaying credit information on the Customer General Information screen. You can also choose not to display balances.

Your customers can look up inventory information such as quantities and price/quantity breakdowns. After viewing the price/quantity breakdown for the item selected from the previous page, a customer can get back to the Item Information page simply by clicking the BACK button on the browser or by clicking the hypertext link to return to the FALCON  Web home page.

Customers can see a breakdown of the product lines for the items that are accessible by the Internet, enter a quantity to order, and then either recalculate the extended price of the line or submit the line into the order.
Depending on the options you set, customers may have access to the following functions:

Customer Account Statements
Customer Order Information
Customer Order Detail Information
Customer Detail History Information
Item Information
Allow Quantities on Item Information
Allow Price/Quantity Breakdown Display
Show Balances on Customer Information
Show Credit Limit on Customer Information
Allow Sales Order Entry

(We can provide this option as the requirement of the customer by project wise)








FALCON Document Management enables you to capture, organize (by project or client) and manage electronic documents, including  excel Files, word documents, text documents, faxes, emails, scanned images, and PDF files.

No more company wide searches for important documents since Document Management puts your firm's critical documents in the hands of those that need them, when they need them. FALCON Document Management is available as an integrated module within FALCON Accounting  or as a stand-alone product.

(We can provide this option as the requirement of the customer by project wise)