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FALCON Accounting
2006 | Issue 1
FALCON Accounting Means
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Powered with World Largest Open Source MySQL© Back End Database (Under GPL)

An excellent Accounting Software Suited to the needs of the Middle East with Unlimited User.

FALCON Accounting offers a complete line of accounting software.

Through years of input and direct interaction with end users / brainstorming sessions, this software has been developed into an extremely effective and versatile tool, catering to the needs of diverse businesses.

It is an ideal solution for the large, medium and small business in need of an affordable, reliable and most powerful accounting program.

It is a tailor made system locally developed and can be modified according to your requirements and line of the business.

 The growing number of our clients bears testimony to the efficacy of our software and excellent after-sales-service / consultancy provided by a team of qualified professionals.

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Product Enquiry * Purchase Order * Store Receipt * Store Receipt Return * Quotation * Sales Order * Delivery Note * Delivery Note Return * Store Delivery Note * Cash Invoice * Cash Invoice Return * Credit Invoice * Credit Invoice Return * Packing List * Material l Issue * Location Transfer * Branch Transfer *  Product Conversion * Batch Conversion * Assembly * De-Assembly * Non-Inventory Purchase * Non-Inventory Sales * Physical Stock Adjustment * more..


Cheque Receipt ( Single Customer unlimited cheque or Single Cheque More Customer ) * Cheque Payment ( Same as Cheque Receipt) * Cash Receipt * Cash Payment * Debit Not * Credit Note * Journal Voucher *  Inter Branch Transfer Journal Voucher * Bank Reconciliation * Post Dated Cheque Posting, Return , Postpone * Pre-Payment * Letter of Credit (Inventory or Non-Inventory) * Trust Receipt  * Balance Apply Option *

Reports (Some of them)

Account Statement with options * Combined Statements * Single Aging  * Grouped Aging * Month-wise Aging * Daily Transactions * Bank and Cash Transaction (Detailed / Summary) * PD Cheques / Dishonored / Returns Cheqes Report *  Bank Facility Reports * Journal voucher Report * Pre-Payment Report * L/C & T/R Reports *  Trial Balance Summary / Detailed /Sub-Main / Month-wise * Income & Balance Sheet Detailed / Summary) * Stock Report(Branch/Location/Department/Brand etc)* Stock Movement * Fast / Slow Movement * Stock Aging * Re-Order * Profitability ( Product / Brand/Category / Sales Man / Customer / Branch / Location / Area / Month / Consolidated etc.)* Expense Analysis * Different type Performance Report * Invoice Cost Sheet * Budget Report * We have more than 300 Report  options...

Optional Modules

Personnel and Payroll * Fixed Asset * Job Costing * Project Costing


In This Issue...

More Exciting Features
2006 GITEX Participation
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Why Do We Choose MySQL ?

We at Al Muftah Computers
have stepped into the 10th
successful year with more than
370 esteemed customers all over

FALCON Accounting is fully integrated business software designed to meet the business
requirements of Enterprise, Medium and Small Business Companies. It is a sophisticated
system which generates a variety of reports designed to give the Management effective control on finance and business activities in


• Multi-Branch
• Multi-Location
• Multi-Unit
• Multi-User (Un-Limited)
• High Level of Security
• More than 300 reports (by different combinations)
• Very efficient drilling facility ( eg.: Account Enquiry gives complete details of all the
transactions for that account.
In the Stock Enquiry, you can drill through all details like invoice, purchase, movements
etc. all in single form)
• Programmable Function Keys
• Memorize transactions will provide easy data entry
• Work with Keyboard only or with Mouse.
• E-Mail Enabled
• User Friendly
• Shortcut Keys
• Context Sensitive Help
• Automatic Product Updates through Web
• Pure 32 Bit Application Environment
• Total Customizable Report can convert to PDF and Excel
• Commercial Letter Gallery
• Additional Modules Connectivity (Optional)

More Exciting Features

Product and Accounts Lookups itself have more drilling facility * Unlimited extra notes can attach with all the data entry forms * User-ID, entry date / time, ledger entry information in single click *  Tasks/appointments/reminders *  Forms can access through pull down, tree view, form Id, tool bar or function keys etc * Cost Sheet, Product Movements, Previous selling price will appear in the invoice with a single click * Navigation Button  provided in all forms * Product picture can attach * Same Product code and different brand can add (for duplicate product) * Replacement / Substitute/ Alternate Products and more....

Reports divided in the views of  Management / Accounts / Auditing / Sales / Purchase / Stores. It can preview, Print, PDF, Excel, Fax and E-Mail.

2006 GITEX Participation

GITEX is the region's largest and most comprehensive showcase of Information Technology. It is held in World Trade Center on 18 - 22 November 2006

We are looking forward to see you in Sheikh Maktoum Hall booth No-1015, Software Pavilion.

More information about GITEX:www.gitex.com

Contact Information

Key to the computer solution
P.O.Box 27020, Sharjah - U.A.E.
Tel:+971 6 5624427, Fax:+971 6 5620660

Why Do We Choose MySQL ?

The MySQL® database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use. It's used in more than 10 million installations ranging from large corporations to specialized embedded applications on every continent in the world. (Yes, even Antarctica!) ... Read Full Article
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